The Amoeba Crawls this Weekend!

by Jennifer Frazer on April 2, 2010

If all goes according to plan, this website will be making its move this weekend from to being truly hosted at (right now I employ masking to make that work). That may mean the feed will change and you will need to resubscribe, but I’m not certain yet as I have yet to consult with my volunteer tech department. Rest assured I’ll do my best to make the transition as seamless as possible, and the feed may not need any updating on your end at all. If for some reason it does stop working, just go to and hit the little orange RSS feed subscribe button at the upper right to resubscribe this blog to your feed reader.

In addition, if you have any links to my blog on your site, the links will break unless you sub for frazer.northerncolorado.grotto in the root once the transition happens. Finally, if you have a link to this blog in general from your blogroll, etc .(thank you! Very honored by that!), make sure the link is to and not

I’m making this move to make things less confusing for readers (what the heck is!) and in preparation for some big changes: I hope to attempt join to the Nature Blog network and soon and I figured it would be best to get the tech stuff squared away before I complicate things further.

In any case,,,, etc., will all continue working no matter what happens. Bear with me, faithful readers, and in the meantime, enjoy this movie of an amoeba strutting its stuff. This phenomenon by which amoebae move is called “cytoplasmic streaming“. I love that the amoeba seems to “change its mind” several times about whether that top pseudopod (arm) should be expanding or contracting. : )

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