When Sperm Whales Get the Munchies

by Jennifer Frazer on December 10, 2010

Produced by the Te Papa Museum in New Zealand (their National Museum) for an exhibit that ended two years ago, this movie is still cool. Displayed here for your weekend viewing enjoyment, and discovered via Deep Sea News.

Come on — isn’t life on Earth amazing? Everyday, all day, nearly two-thirds of the earth is full of those blinking, winking, hungry things in the deep, waiting to snatch something for dinner, not unlike fish-hungry Gollum paddling about in his wormhole at the root of the Earth. Right now. All over the the world. And a creature whose ancestors was once a diminutive furry land mammal that looked like this now plies those waters — masterfully.

For another look at scientists’ encounters with bioluminescent creatures in the world’s most common ecosystem there’s a nice History Channel excerpt at a Smithsonian site here.

For the full length version of the video and a nice explanation of what you just watched, go here. This video was brought to you by the same people that were lucky enough to get their hands on a specimen of colossal squid, which I wrote about toward the end of this post.

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