Sightseeing the Deep Sea

by Jennifer Frazer on April 28, 2011

In case you missed it earlier this month, Sir Richard Branson is building a new one-person sub to explore five of the deepest points on Earth. When you are certifiably the coolest man on Earth, you can do stuff like this . . .

He has thus partially granted my wish from last year, and even plans to use the missions for science as well as exploration and adventure. . . but Richard, we’re only half-way there! Once you’re done planting Virgin Oceanic flags all over the seabed, please build a commercial version of this baby to take the rest of us down there! I’m willing to pay as much as the projected lowball cost to the space cadets going up on Space Ship Two — and this ride doesn’t even require escaping any pesky gravity wells via loads of expensive, atmosphere-heating rocket fuel. Have I sold you yet? Fingers crossed.

Here’s a similar plea from Dr. M over at Deep Sea News, although it looks like, sadly for him, the current model is a one-seater.

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